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Chronic Aches & Pains

A gentle Upper Cervical Chiropractic adjustment often helps to quickly & permanently resolve chronic pain & injuries that do not respond to other treatments. These conditions include: low back pain, knee pain, neck pain & tightness, frozen shoulder, hip pain etc.

When an Atlas Subluxation Complex (ASC)occurs from a past trauma, your body tries to protect this upper neck injury by tightening & contracting the postural muscles along your spine. As a result of this compensation, your body becomes twisted and bound up; stress points manifest throughout your body. As days, weeks, months & years pass, your body succumbs to the stress of the daily living; pain begins.

Pain Relief in Rochester, NYUntil the ASCis corrected, other treatment methods are often a temporary fix for these chronic conditions.

Check out our testimonial section to see how others who were once living with chronic discomfort like you, are now pain free!

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